Building the future of web3 — with Venom Ventures.

Venom Ventures Fund (VVF) invests in the people, projects, and creative
ideas that will pave the path to mass adoption, leading us towards a fairer financial system. 

Apply today, and let's build the future of web3.

Our Services


Generous funding and specialist support for projects that can bring early value to the portfolio


With the accelerator projects will get access to all the help they need to exceed in the blockchain space.


Harness 20+ years’ experience devising go-to-market strategies, alongside an expansive KOL network


Covering everything from follow-on VC rounds to product positioning, tokenomics to compliance and regulation

Tech Support

VVF’s team has the possibility to offer in-house tech support from the Venom Company on all fronts to it's portfolio


VVF works closely with the Venom Ecosystem where they give follow-up investment to succeeding companies

About us

VVF is old money meets new, the perfect platform for leading the next iteration of blockchain development. We invest based on a systematic, research-driven process, integrating quantitative data with next-generation thinking.

Our team has first-hand experience growing web3 and traditional funds. We are highly experienced in providing growth capital to start-ups and scale-ups. And we support select projects by providing access to our global network and top-tier network and contacts.

The VVF incubator also includes specialist marketing, technical, legal, financial and regulatory support.

Coming Soon

The Venom Blockchain

The Venom blockchain is the layer-zero of blockchain development: an infinitely-scalable architecture on which any entity can build a customized, decentralized workchain.The Venom blockchain is the product of Venom Foundation, regulated under the ADGM.


Venom blockchain operates under ADGM oversight, making it compliant with global laws.


Dynamic sharding achieves scalability without sacrificing security or decentralization


Regulatory clarity and operational integrity prime Venom blockchain for global adoption

The Team

VVF combines traditional finance knowledge with a forward-thinking blockchain team, utilizing research, data, and an extensive network in all our endeavors. A dedicated team of crypto experts works persistently on research, due diligence, and selection to build a strong portfolio of web3 companies and make the best investment decisions to drive long-term growth and success.

Peter Knez

Ex-CIO at BlackRock. Ex-global CIO for fixed income at Barclays Global Investors (BCI), doubling its AUM to $80 billion, with 28 percent YoY revenue growth.

Mustafa Kheriba

Board member of multiple family offices. Board of Directors at Mirabank, Australian Gulf Capital, Evrensel Capital Partners. Steering committee member of Pathway 20.

Our Approach

Venture Capital

Our Venture Capital Fund backs early-stage web3 dApps and protocols, prioritising those focused on long-term trends like payments, asset management and banking services, and GameFi.

Investments are not reserved for Venom blockchain projects. If you use another L1 as your primary blockchain but you have achieved strong traction, we might well lead your next investment round.

Project Incubator

Our incubator allocates capital to early-stage projects that show promise of bringing mass-adoption and prioritizing those with prospects of near-term profitability and sustainable businesses.

We appreciate that most projects will still have a longer-term launch horizon. Hence the incubator will house a limited number of teams, providing generous capital and ongoing marketing, tech, listing, and advisory support.

Specialist Advisory

Our specialist advisory includes guidance on strategic VC funding, professional mentoring to founding team members, and assistance with product positioning.

Venom Ventures will also work with projects on token launch strategies, tokenomics, and marketing campaigns, all while ensuring projects adhere to necessary licensing and regulatory requirements.